Foods on Nepal Trekking

There are many choices for food while trekking in Nepal. There is no problem finding veggie food in the tea houses - it's meat eaters who might struggle to get a satisfactory fix but Prices are very consistent from village to village but will go higher as you get up into the more remote regions. Dal bhat is the staple meal, rice, lentils and curried vegetables (whatever is available), There are plenty of other options too; pizza, pasta, momos. Apple pie and other delights too. Chocolate bars (mars, snikers for example but are cheaper in KTM and Pokhara. Some nutrition bars are available in the supermarkets but if Clif bars are your favourites buy them at home.


In the tea house trekking

In the tea house trekking ,you get mostly continental and local foods and can choose it from the menus. You can also get varities food to choose like as Tibetan, Chinese, Indian, Nepalese ,Continental and Italian dishes. The food is good and well enjoyed by the trekkers. In higher altitude and near the base camps of the mountains, you get fewer varieties than in the lower altitudes. We provide three times meals in the day.Drinks like cold or hot is excluded during trekking.Wherever possible in the village ,It offers to you fresh vegetables and fresh fruits etc.It is adviced for trekkers not to drink alcohols during high altitude trekking area like the Everest base camp and throung pass . Alcohol consumption may increase the chances of altitude sickness. You are allowed to choose the food what you like but it is wiser not to order different dishes for each person as cooking so many dishes takes a long time. Some lodges do not have many ovens and may be they have only one cook. Making a combined order saves time, especially in lunch. You can buy bottled water in the mountains but we suggest you to bring water purifiers like iodine and avoid bottled water. Water bottles are major source of pollution in the mountains.


Nepalese Dal Bhat while on tea house trek


The staple in Nepal is Dal Bhat. It consists of rice, a bowl of lentil beans and usually some type of curried vegetable or "tarkari". It is served on a stainless steel tray. You sometimes get a crisp tortilla type chip with your meal. This is one meal where you can get all you can eat as they will keep offering you more of any item.


What food will I be eating on a trek in Nepal?
Good but plain food. Firstly let me dispel the small rumor that you have to bring your own food when trekking in Nepal. You do not have to bring your own food!. There is plenty of good food available on all the main treks in Nepal. Every little teahouse along all the routes basically has food on offer. It's how they make their living. If you are veering off the main routes and camping then yes, you'll need to cater for yourself. Otherwise you'll have quite comprehensive menus to choose from.


Examples of trekking food available in Nepal: Dal bhat (trekking version) - this is the most common. It's a little different than the one you get in the cities so do read the article. After that everything from pancakes, to macaroni & cheese to muesli, apple pie and even steaks are available. Yes the food will not come with all the trimmings. But it is filling and the portions are usually quite big.


  • Fresh meat can become scarce in the off seasons. Purchasing some Yak cheese can help add protein to your trekking diet.
  • Do note however that the price of food does increase the higher or further from a main city you go.
  • Do consider bringing you favorite snacks too. e.g. chocolate bars, mints etc.Just remember you have to carry them!

Nepal tour provide you the information while on the trekking in Nepal. Please follow our guided guideline. If you ignore our guided trip information, it will really hard to organise the trip. We will take care on all of your foods while in the Nepal treks.


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