Himalaya Trekking

'Abode of snow' is the Sanskrit word for Himalaya, which aptly describes this great Nepal mountain system stretching over 2500 kilometers (1500 miles). The Himalayas have long been associated with great adventurers, trekkers, tours and mountaineers. Nepal is a destination like no other: remote, majestic and romantic holidays. Trekking in Nepal, Himalaya is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But it’s also an increasingly popular trekking destination, with thousands taking to the tracks each year. Enjoyable as the views, landscapes and people are, some trekkers may find battling the crowds on popular routes too much. If that’s you and you can’t face the idea of trekking with the hordes, here are some ways to get off the beaten track.


Trekking in Himalaya


Nepal Tour specialised in Himalayan trekking holidays since 2004. Select from the widest range of himalaya trekking in Nepal. Best options for Himalaya Travel Tours & Trips. and specialises in Responsible tourism in Nepal. Nepal Tour offer small group adventure travel, romantic holidays, mountain climbing, luxury tours, family holidays in Nepal, expeditions to with the country Nepal, Himalaya. Our unique itineraries reflect our long experience in the different regions of Nepal. All our Nepal treks are accompanied by a highly experienced local sherpa leaders ensuring safe acclimatisation at every stage while on the Nepal Trekking or on the Nepal peak climbing.



Nepal Trekking Areas
Tentative Days   Tentative Travel Cost:
10 Days - 26 Days = US $1350.00
5 Days - 24 Days = US $1150.00
8 Days - 14 Days = US $950.00
21 Days - 28 Days = US$ 2270.00
18 Days - 22 Days = US$ 1870.00
18 Days - 26 Days = US$ 2000.00
18 Days - 22 Days = US$ 2270.00
18 Days - 27 Days = US$ 2570.00
22 Days - 29 Days = US$ 2670.00


We stay in private rooms where possible, but often you will have to share. Facilities in tea houses are limited but good enough to offer you a comfortable stay and hygienic meals. A few have electric lights and all have a spacious dining room-lounge. We will accommodate you and your group in a local lodge available each day. We send a porter ahead of us to book the required rooms for the group (rooms cannot be booked in advance). Please remember that some of them are very basic and a sense of adventure is necessary.


Airport transfers
You need to confirm your International flight details to us so that we can arrange to meet you at the Airport. You just pass through Customs and come out of the Terminal building where you will see a member of our team standing with a placard that states either 'Nepal Tour' or your own name.


Best time to Go
The best season to trek in the Himalaya region is autumn (from mid-September till November's end), and spring (from the beginning of March until mid-May). Temperatures will drop considerably as you trek higher every day. The nights are cold (between -10 °C to 5°C but the days are sunny and hot (between 10°C to 20°C). The mornings are usually clear, with clouds building up during the afternoon, disappearing at night. Trekking during the monsoon and winter is not recommended, as the visibility during monsoon is limited, upper parts and high passes could be covered with snow during winter. March, April, October and November are the most favored months.


Himalaya Trekking Information

Best Nepal Treks

01. Everest Base Camp Trek Everest Base Camp Trek is a famous challenging trek in Nepal.
02. Annapurna Base Camp Trek
The Annapurna base camp trek is the perfect introduction to Himalayan trekking.
03. Langtang Valley Trek.
Langtang valley trekking is the one of the most popular trekking routes in Nepal.
04. Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek.
Ghorepani Poon Hill trekking is one of the popular and short & Sweet trekking in Nepal.
05. Everest View Trek.
Everest View Trek takes you around the Everest region, which has recently witnessed...
06. Ganesh Himal Trek.
Ganesh Himal Trek is surprisingly not frequented by many tourists.
07. Tiji Festival Trek.
Tiji festival, known as "The chasing of the Demons" Tiji tells the story of a deity named...

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