Nepal Export and Import

Nepal duty free items, import export restrictions.


Nepal’s economy hugely depends on imports – the country imports almost everything it needs. Although most people, especially in the rural parts, are still farmers, they can not sustain by what they grow. Even the import is largely India dependent.


Dutiable and Duty free items for individual travelers in Nepal:


Import: Apart from used personal belongings, visitors are allowed to bring into Nepal; free of duty cigarette (200) or cigars (50), distilled liquor (one 1.15 liter bottle), and film (15 rolls). You can also bring in the following articles free of duty on condition that you take them out with you on your return: binocular, movie or video camera, still camera, laptop computer, and portable music system.


Export: The export of antiques requires special certification from the Department of Archeology, National Archive Building, Ram Shah Path, Kathmandu. It is illegal to export objects over 100 years old for instance sacred images, paintings, manuscripts that have significant value for culture and religious reasons. Visitors are advised not to purchase such items as they are Nepal's cultural heritage.


For more information on customs matters, contact the Chief Customs Administrator, TIA Customs Office (Phone: 4470110, 4472266).



A : Products Banned from Export :
1. Articles of Archaeological and Religious Importance


  • National and foreign coins of archaeological value.
  • Statues of gods and goddesses, palm leaf inscription (Tad Patra), leaf inscription (Bhojpatra).
  • Scroll (Thangka Paintings) of historical importance.


2. Conserved Wildlife and related articles


  • Wild animals.
  • Bile and any part of wild animals.
  • Musk and Cows, Oxen, Snake and lizard skin.


3. Marijuana, opium, hashish (As defined in the Single Convention on Narcotics, 1961)


4. Metals and Jewellery
Valuable metals and jewellery (except permitted under bag and baggage regulations and products manufactured by Nepalese industry except of diamonds.


5. Articles of industrial importance


  • Explosive materials and related fuse or materials needed for fuse.
  • Materials used in the production of arms and ammunition.


6. Industrial raw materials


  • Raw hides and skin (including dry salted)
  • Raw wool


7. Other products

  • Mamira
  • Log and Timber
B. Products Under Quantities Restrictions
Rice, Wheat, Gram, Black Peas, Rapseed, Maize, Arahar, Lentil, Mustard, Yellow Mustard Seed, Poppy Seed, Raw Silk exceeding 100kg without L/C. Products as notified by His Majesty's Government in the Nepal Gazette, from time to time.
C. Products Allowed for Free Export:
All products other than listed in A. and B. above.
D. Notes:
The Ministry of Commerce will decide from time to time, the goods to be included under the category of quantities restrictions and volume of their exports
The Ministry of Commerce will interpret as to which of the products listed above, will be permitted to export.


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