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Nepal Tours have regular small-group adventures, and also specialise in private and tailor-made trekking holidays as well. Whichever you choose, our Nepal package tours are designed conservatively to enable you to deal as comfortably as possible with the high altitude adventure that tekking in Nepal offers, and complete the trek without missing any of the most spectacular sections.

Grab the best Nepal tour packages for the Himalayan region that has enamored tourists from every corner of the world. These adventure travel packages cover some of the best vacation cities in the region. Nepal is a fascinating land situated deep in the magnificent Himalayas between India and Tibet. Known as the home of the Gods, Nepal was a secret, unknown country for many years. Untouched by western influences it reveals an ancient Buddhist and Hindu culture mixed with an exciting landscape. Nepal holidays will show you some simply mesmerising scenery - from the highest point on earth, Mount Everest, to the verdant lowland jungles.


Holidays to Nepal would not be complete without a visit to the capital city, Kathmandu. This unusual city is awash with shrines, temples and images of gods. Visit the ancient former Palace of the Kings, the Temple of the Living Goddess and the 2,000-year-old Stupa of Swayambhunath, which is an ancient Buddhist temple featuring hypnotic eyes on its spire. From the hill upon which the temple sits you will be rewarded with wide-reaching views of the city. The hill resort of Nagarkot is a popular retreat when on Nepal holidays. Nepal Tours offers some of the best views of the Himalayas and the Indrawati valley in the east. Visit Nagarkot in the spring months to witness the colourful flowers which carpet the landscape. Close to the resort you will also find Changu Narayan Temple, whose origins date back 1600 years.


Dhulikhel is an ancient town; many of the houses here have beautiful carved wooden structures around their doors and windows. The town itself is a delight to explore and close by you will find many other picturesque villages. Explore this charming region on foot to really appreciate the beauty of the area. Pokhara is one of Nepal’s largest cities. Snow-clad peaks, with snow-fed lakes and rivers make the valley one of the most picturesque, natural attractions in the world. The region is peaceful with a wonderful sense of tranquillity, and Nepal tours are undoubtedly enhanced by a visit to this area. The valley is made up of dense rainforest, flowing rivers and sparkling lakes all set against the backdrop of the awe-inspiring mountains.


Nepal Travel Packages:

Kathmandu Tour - Kathmandu Holiday - Kathmandu Vacation - Three Queen City Tour
Kathmandu Valley Tour - 3 N / 4 D .
Who has the limited time for Nepal Tour and who makes 3 nights 4 days holidays in Nepal. Kathmandu tour provides marvelous sightseeing in Kathmandu, see the ancient Palace of the Kings, the hilltop Stupa and the Pashupatinath Temple.....
Kathmandu Chitwan Tour
City and Wildlife Tour - 5 N / 6 D .
Kathmandu Chitwan Vacation is combine exploration of ancient cities, temples & palaces, breathtaking chitwan jungle safari at chitwan national park & thundering waterfalls. Go wild in one of Asia's finest national parks & immerse yourself in local life & culture. Get to know the real Nepal!....
Kathmandu Pokhara Tour
City and Lakes Tour - 5 N / 6 D .
TKathmandu Pokhara Tour is the Natural, cultural and historical heritages tour package of two major Nepalese tourist cities like kathmandu valley and pokhara.We arrange tour packages in nepal, kathmandu tour, kathmandu pokhara tour, pokhara tour, nepal holidays
Nepal Tour
City, Lakes, Wildlife Tour - 7 N / 8 D
Kathmandu, Pokhara Chitwan tour offers you an amazing sightseeing and wildlife expedition and will gain an insight into the rich culture and traditions. Exploring the heritage sites in Kathmandu, relaxing in beautiful Pokhara and chitwan safari tour
Lumbini Tour
Kathmandu Lumbini Tour - 5 N / 6 D
Kathmandu Lumbini Tour offers you historic fact like Ashoka Pillar which was erected by Emperor Ashoka in 249 BC to commemorate his pilgrimage to the sacred site. The inscription on it in Brahmi script proves Lumbini as the place where the Buddha was born in 623 B.C .

Best Nepal Treks

01. Everest Base Camp Trek Everest Base Camp Trek is a famous challenging trek in Nepal.
02. Annapurna Base Camp Trek
The Annapurna base camp trek is the perfect introduction to Himalayan trekking.
03. Langtang Valley Trek.
Langtang valley trekking is the one of the most popular trekking routes in Nepal.
04. Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek.
Ghorepani Poon Hill trekking is one of the popular and short & Sweet trekking in Nepal.
05. Everest View Trek.
Everest View Trek takes you around the Everest region, which has recently witnessed...
06. Ganesh Himal Trek.
Ganesh Himal Trek is surprisingly not frequented by many tourists.
07. Tiji Festival Trek.
Tiji festival, known as "The chasing of the Demons" Tiji tells the story of a deity named...

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