Trekking in Tibet

Trekking in Tibet is in its infancy and it is likely to remain that way as long as regulations is so cumbersome and unpredictable in Tibet. - Get best Tibet Adventure deals...

Tibet, popularly known as “the Roof of the World” has captivated the entire world with its distinctively unparalleled high Himalayan vistas, captivating landscape, rugged mountain passes, mysterious ancient monasteries, unique Buddhist culture etc. Trekking in Tibet Himalaya is the most heavenly way of discovering natural, cultural and historical treasures of Tibet. Trekking in Tibet is the best way to explore the country side. The breathtaking views of the snow-capped peaks as well as the views of Tibetan countryside will make the journey an unforgettable one. We will take part in (where possible) prayer ceremonies, visit the homes of local Tibetans and discuss religious customs throughout the trip. By experiencing the wonders and the spiritual challenges experienced by Tibet's pilgrims, Nepal Tour may gain an understanding of why Tibetans draw an equal sign between religion and life.

Join our Tibet treks - Our Tibet Trekking Service highlights and difference. Our Tibetan guides are familiar with the most beautiful Tibetan trekking trails and are experienced in high-altitude trekking. Most importantly, as native Tibetans, they have deeply ingrained knowledge of Tibetan culture, tradition, religion and history. In our trekking packages, our guests have the opportunity to experience the daily life of Tibetans, learn about their daily routines and customs. The Tibet trekking adventure may take you through ancient monasteries, nomadic lands and stunning landscapes of the Tibetan plateau such as on the high passes, deep valleys and/or gorges. Additionally, we arrange suitable vehicles or yaks or porters supports per different trekking trails during the trekking days. This makes your Tibet trekking with unparalleled experience in Tibet's unique environment and her rich traditions


Tibet Treks

Tibet Everest Base Camp trek
Tibet Everest BC Trek - 18 N / 19 D .
Tibet Everest Base Camp trek, is one of the most popular trek in Tibet. The trip to mount Everest base camp one takes about 4 days with many points reaching over 4,000 ft+. Along the way you will pass by many tibetan monasteries, tibet wild animals, the beautiful Tibet
Tsum Valley Trek
Tibet Kharta Valley Trek - 23 N / 24 D .
Of the three treks (Everest, Kanshung and Kharta Valley) that allow up-close views of Mt. Everest (South face from Everest Base Camp in Nepal, North Face from Rongbuk near Everest Base Camp in Tibet and the East face from Kharta Valley area below Kanshung glacier)...
Shishapangma Base Camp Trek
Shishapangma Base Camp Trek - 17 N / 18 D .
Tibet Shishapangma Base Camp Trek, is one of the most popular trek in Tibet. Shisha Pangma, known in Tibetan as "the god of the grasslands", is the lowest of the world's fourteen 8000 metre peaks. It is also the only 8000-meter peak located wholly in Tibet...
Namtso Lake Trek
Namtso Lake Trek - 19 N / 20 D .
A normal tour to Namtso often start at Lhasa taking the shuttle bus at 7-8 am, arriving at lake shore by noon, and return at 15-16 pm the same or the other day. But trekking to Namtso is more interesting but also more challenging. There Tashi Dor monastery is located at the...
Ngor Monastery Trek
Ngor Monastery Trek - 15 N / 16 D .
This short Shalu to Ngor and Everest Trek, once part of the trade route between Shalu and Sakya offers the chance to get off the ‘road' and into some small, seldom visited villages. It may be incorporated into any trip passing through Shigatse...
Gurerrilla Trekking
Tibet Everest ABC Trek - 21 N / 22 D .
Many of you have dreamed of reaching Mt. Everest and gazing up at the world's highest summit towering above you. Everest Advance Base Camp Trek Tibet offers distinct views of Everest can be candidly seen from the base camps. The trip will hike...

Best Tibet Tours

01. Kathmandu Lhasa Tour. Kathmandu Lhasa City Tour. Kathmandu to Lhasa is an ideal route in that it takes in most
02. Tibet Overland Tour.
Tibet Overland Tours For centuries Tibet has been a mysterious and timeless land, isolated from the rest of the world .
03.Mount Kailash Tour.
Mt Kailash tour - amazing as well as challenging trip to the pristine lake Manasarovar and Holy Mt.Kailash in remote western Tibet. A pilgramage excursion to the holy Mt. Kailash.
04. Lhasa to Kathmandu Cycling Tour.
Experiencing the home of Tibetan Buddhism, witnessing monks in debate and prayer, crossing 5000m mountain passes by bike, stopping off at rural villages.
05. Best Of Nepal Tibet Tour.
The Best of Nepal Tibet Tour is personal and individual with private tour guides, a private car and a chauffeur. You may travel on any date and have a choice of accommodations.

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